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Event Horizon's first album - released in December 2017. The concept album features 10 tracks inspired by cosmological and astrophysical themes such as "Photon Waves", "Runaway Stars", "Pulsars" and "Meteor Showers". 
Centering in around Géza Frank's and Jean Damei's virtuosic playing of their original compositions rooted within traditional Scottish and Irish music, producers Tyler Duncan, Jake Birch and Barry Reid respectively created the electronic soundscapes and beats to accomplish the opus and create a new type of music - elevating, danceable and inspiring.

Géza Frank: Whistles/Uilleann Pipes
Jean Damei: Guitar
David Lombardi: Violin
Tyler Duncan: electronic production/composition/sound design
Jake Birch: electronic production/composition/sound design
Barry Reid: electronic production/composition/sound design

EVENT HORIZON - Géza Frank & Jean Damei

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