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New Fourth Moon Album: "Odyssey"

Fourth Moon - Odyssey - hi-res album cover.jpg

Fourth Moon has finally recorded its highly anticipated second album! Released on Nov. 26 2021, the album has already gathered some critical acclaim!


Playing with Scottish super group Mànran, filling in for Ryan Murphy

Getting the call to help out with Scottish super group Mànran is indeed exciting and a new career highlight. Mànran is famously Hollywood actor Ewan MacGregor's favourtite Scottish band and has featured world class pipers throughout its existence. It is a pleasure to take the stage with the band for a few concerts in 2019. 

Recording with Side-Effect

Recording for the production of electro, duo pipes outfit "Side-Effect" has started in March 2019. The music will be featuring predominantly own original material in scandinavian and french styles. 


Between January 29th and February 1st the Event Horizon team visited the premises of the worlds largest scientific experiment at CERN in Geneva in order to shoot material for two new videos. The material shot at the ATLAS and CMS detectors as well as in the computing and data centre will be used for a 3rd music video as well as a documentary. The new music video will feature new members David Lombardi on violin and Barry Reid on synthesizer, as well as Cathal Keaney from Lord of the Dance and world leading LED dancers. Interviews conducted with local scientists as well as with Dr. Manfred Krammer, head of the experimental physics department at CERN, will be used in a short documentary about Event Horizon as a project seeking to create a music and dance performance format inspired by science. ​

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28.03.2018 - TBC

On March 30th Fourth Moon's hotly anticipated first album "Elipsis" will be launched and available for download, or physical purchase at:

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