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Event Horizon is a concept project devised by Géza Frank & Jean Damei at the centre of which stands a unique brand of music that fuses the group’s eclectic compositional styles with astrophysical and cosmological themes.
The aim is to create a new sort of music, inspired by traditional acoustic Irish & Scottish music as well as electronic dance music, which is evocative and descriptive of phenomena discovered during humankind’s quest for a better understanding of deep space. The name of the project is derived from the outer fringe of black holes, the event horizon, which forms a theoretical point of no return, with such immense gravitational pull, even light cannot escape its forces. ​

For “EVENT HORIZON” Géza Frank & Jean Damei teamed up with electronic producer/composers Tyler Duncan (“THE OLLLAM”, “MILLISH”, “NOTIFY”), as well as with producer Jake Birch known for his work with Nyck Caution, Iron Solomon, and Vulfpeck, to compose the beats, keys, synths, and soundscapes to fit their visions for different themes such as “Photon Waves”, “Pulsars” and the concept of a “Type 2 Civilisation”.

Photon Wave:

Fourth Moon

Geza Frank was founding member in 2014 of now renowned international folk band FOURTH MOON.
The line up has changed over the years, but has included and includes stellar names such as Mohsen Amini (concertina), Jean-Christophe Morel (fiddle), David Lombardi (fiddle), Géza Frank (whistles, flute, pipes), Jean Damei (Guitar) and Andrew Waite (piano accordion), who between them have performed globally with their own projects and also with the likes of Riverdance and Carlos Nûnez. Amini from Scotland, originally met the band in Limerick, where Geza and Jean were doing a Masters in traditional music at the World Academy of Irish Music, UL. Lombardi, Italian native, Frank from Austria and Damei from the South of France, with no obviously Irish roots between them are the reason for the whole concept being slightly unusual, Mohsen says, “It’s incredible to hear all the different ideas and ways to express music that everyone has brought to the table, stuff that you just wouldn’t find anywhere else, Lombardi also being from a classical background completely opens us to a whole range of different possibilities that we wouldn’t have even known existed.” Speaking to Damei he mentions that “The whole idea of the band was to bring together a collective, who share a common ground of innovation but who also keep traditional music at the core and so with this we have incorporated a lot of own compositions and adapted them to given them the ‘Fourth Moon’ branding”.

Fourth Moon-5800.jpg


Peregrin is an Austria based folk band with broad musical horizon. The repertoire ranges from Scandinavian to Irish, French, Austrian and the Balkans, with a good base of own compositions and arrangements to round off the spectrum.  

The bands is equally at home performing for "Ballfolks" as well as for weddings or concerts in their own right. 

recordings will soon be made and plans for music videos are also being made. 

Members of the Band are:

Géza Frank: Uilleann Pipes / Flute / Whistles

Lucia Wagner: Violin / Vocals
Patricia Sieweck: 5 String Fiddle / Vocals / Bouzuki

Lisa Sorgner: Chello / Vocals
Valentin Arnold: Percussion / Säckpipa / Whistles / Vocals

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